Who Should Apply

Who is this certificate appropriate for?

This certificate is appropriate for experienced earth science professionals, recent graduates and those ready for a new career who are interested in developing technical skills including scientific programming, version control and cloud computing in the realm of data intensive science.

Note: Applicants must possess a bachelors degree from an accredited institution.

What are the prerequisites and qualifications?

An undergraduate degree in any academic field from an accredited institution is required. There are no specific course prerequisites to complete this program.

I don’t have any programming experience - is this certificate right for me?

Previous programming experience is not required.

I don’t have an undergraduate degree - can I still apply?

No. An undergraduate degree from an accredited institution is required to apply for and complete this certificate.

I don't live in Boulder - can I complete the certificate entirely online?

Yes! The three certificate courses are offered entirely online. All lectures are recorded so if you can't make the lecture time period, you can watch it at a more convenient time. Also, all of the lessons will be available in written form on the website earthdatascience.org. Some students find the written online lessons sufficient, some watch the lectures, and others watch the lectures at a faster rate to skim what was presented.

Can I apply the credits earned in the certificate to a master’s degree at CU Boulder?

We are in the process of developing a full master's degree in Earth Data Analytics. The courses included in this certificate will be core courses for this degree and can be applied towards it.

I’m still not sure if the program is right for me, how can I decide?

Please contact earth.lab@colorado.edu if you have further questions!


Do you offer scholarships and financial aid?

No, financial aid and scholarships are not available to Earth Data Analytics - Foundations certificate students at this time.

How much does it cost?

The full nine-credit certificate program for 2021-2022 costs $10,026 for in-state and $12,888 for out-of-state students. Students may also elect to take just one or two of the certificate courses without completing the entire program, with each individual course costing approximately $3,342 for in-state and $4,296 for out-of-state students.

Applying & Enrolling

How do I apply?

The application for the certificate program can be found on the main certificate page.

When do I need to apply by?

For the 2021-2022 certificate program, the priority application deadline is July 19th, 2021 and the final application deadline is August 9th, 2021.

Can I take just one of the courses or do I need to enroll in the entire certificate?

You must apply for and enroll in the certificate program in order to take any of the certificate courses. However, once you are enrolled you may elect to take only one or two of the certificate courses. There is no financial disadvanatage to doing this - you only pay for the courses that you take, you do not pay the entire certificate tuition.

Completing the Program

How long do I have to complete the certificate?

The three courses required for the certificate must be completed within three years.

How long does it typically take to earn the certificate?

The certificate program can be completed in less than a year - taking one course during the fall semester, one during the spring semester, and one during the summer session.

Are there minimum grade requirements?

Students must receive a B grade or higher in each course to receive the certificate.

Current CU Boulder Employees & Students

I’m a CU employee - can I use my tuition benefit to obtain the certificate?

At this time we cannot accept the CU staff tuition benefit. One reason for this is because the certificate is in the division of Continuing Education, which does not accept the tuition benefit per University Policy (see B5 under policy statement). However, we also do not get tuition support for non-professional students from CU to run our program. If you are a CU staff member interested in the certificate, please contact us at earth.lab@colorado.edu for the most up-to-date information.

I’m a current graduate student at CU - can I obtain the certificate?

Currently we do not accept CU graduate students into the certificate program but we are exploring options for the future.

I’m a current undergraduate student at CU - can I obtain the certificate?

This is a graduate level program. Thus, we cannot accept CU undergraduate students. However, several of the certificate courses permit undergraduate enrollment.