Published: May 28, 2019

Earth Lab is proud to recognize intern Ellen Considine who was recently named a recipient of the Goldwater Scholarship.

The GoProfessional headshot of Goldwater winner Ellen Considine ldwater Scholarship is one of the most prestigious undergraduate research awards in mathematics, engineering, and science that the United States offers. The Goldwater Educational Foundation was established by Congress in 1986 to recognize Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater for 56 years of distinguished service. It seeks to encourage science and technological development in the United States by supporting the brightest and most driven young minds in science, math, and engineering research.

After moving through an intensive internal selection program, Ellen Considine was chosen to represent the University of Colorado in competing for the Goldwater Scholarship. Then, she was selected from more that 5,000 candidates at research institutions across the nation to be one of only 494 final recipients.

Ellen has been at Earth Lab for two years, researching the impacts of air pollution from wildfires on human respiratory and cardiovascular health in the western US. Her team, led by Professor Colleen Reid, uses earth data science and health science tools (including machine learning) to harness diverse data sources and inform public policy like air quality management strategies and public health messaging. Ellen is a rising senior, working towards a degree in applied mathematics, with minors in economics, statistics, and geography.

In the future, Ellen intends to pursue a graduate degree in biostatistics emphasizing environmental health and continue working on addressing large scale environmental and public health problems.

Earth Lab extends congratulations to Ellen and wishes her the best of luck in her future research endeavors!