Published: March 10, 2019

Earth Lab invites you to Acing your Job Interview - an Earth Analytics Career Series on Friday March 15th, from 3:30-5pm in SEEC S372.

This event will bring in hiring managers from the USGS, NEON, Earth Lab, and Jupiter Intelligence. We’ll start with each panelist introducing themselves and speaking generally about what they look for when interviewing candidates. The room will then break into small groups of 2-3 participants with one panelist in each. Panelists will ask mock interview questions and provide feedback on answers, then shift to a new group. After this we’ll all reconvene and panelists will speak for a few minutes about general interview advice based on the small group mock interviews.

Experts will include:

  • Alicia Karspeck - Associate Director of Research Partnerships, Jupiter Intelligence
  • Vivian Hutchison - Science Data Management Branch Chief, USGS
  • Greg Holling - Senior Manager - Software Engineering, NEON
  • Brian Johnson - Director of Earth Analytics Hub, CU Boulder Earth Lab

To register please email