Published: July 21, 2017

The Earth Data Analytics - Foundations professional graduate certificate will be offered through the University of Colorado Boulder Earth Lab beginning in August 2018. This certificate is designed to provide professional students with the stepping stone core skills required for a career in computationally intensive earth sciences. This innovative program is one of the first university certificates in the U.S. to combine data analytics and earth science.

The certificate will consist of three courses for a total of 9 credits that can be completed over a 9 month period. In year one, all 3 courses will be offered both in person and asynchronously in an online environment  accommodate even the busiest of  schedules. The program is suitable for students of various backgrounds and ability levels - from career changers with no programming experience to current earth science professionals who are looking to beef up their data intensive skills.

What courses are included in the certificate?

Earth Analytics Data Science Bootcamp - GEOG 4463 / 5463

This course is designed to teach students the fundamental scientific programming, version control and collaboration skills required for maintaining efficient workflows in computationally intensive environments. Students will learn basic scientific programming and gain proficiency in the use of Git / GitHub.

Earth Analytics - GEOG 4563 / 5563

In this course students will learn how to use scientific programming tools, such as R and Python, to analyze earth science data. Students will work with a suite of data formats including data from remote sensing platforms and sensors, geospatial sources, social media and in situ sensor networks. More information can be found on the course webpage.

Earth Analytics Applications - GEOG 5663

This course builds upon the computational skills gained in Earth Analytics and Earth Analytics Data Science Bootcamp to provide students with a semi-guided real world data application experience to hone their programming and software skills. Students will learn how to find, manage and process large datasets through working collaboratively on a semi-guided science project that addresses a real world problem.

How has course subject matter been chosen?

The Earth Data Analytics - Foundations professional certificate was created because - with recent advances in technology and the availability of big data - data analysis skills paired with earth science expertise have become tremendously attractive to employers. To ensure that the certificate makes students more marketable to employers, the skills included have been carefully selected through substantive research on the tools used by professional earth scientists.

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