Published: Oct. 25, 2017

Building the Road Map: "Finding Our Way”

In the 22 years that the Diversity and Inclusion Summit has been offered on campus, we have worked to highlight the latest and best information on diversity and inclusion. This year, the committee is reflecting on why our community still falls short of the diverse and inclusive place where we want to live. Rather than keeping an intellectualized distance around diversity ideas, we would like to explore an embodied and emotional connection to diversity. We hope to courageously lean into the sensitive places in our communities and in ourselves to awaken a new authenticity.

This year, the committee recognizes that it is time to find our way. The aim of the fall Summit is to take a bold step toward advancing our sincere commitment in being a diverse and inclusive community. The committee is planning sessions to speak forthrightly about issues that impede greater progress toward a practicing community of diversity. We urge all campus and City of Boulder members to take the courageous step of finding our way forward toward Making Excellence Inclusive.

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