SensusAccess is an OIT-supported tool that provides accessibility conversions for documents. One specific feature offered by the service is the conversion of images of text to digital text.

Converting an Image of Text to Digital Text

An image of text is not accessible to all readers. Text contained in an image cannot be selected, copied, or edited; when an image of text is increased in size, the clarity of the text degrades. Images of text are often inaccessible to individuals using a screen reader, screen magnifier, and text-to-speech software. Digital text, in comparison, allows resizing without loss of quality, and assistive technology can interact with the text.

To convert an image of text to digital text, you can use optical character recognition (OCR). OCR uses a computer algorithm to convert images into specific letters and words. SensusAccess can conduct OCR on images of text to produce documents with digital text.

Please note that because this process is automated, the converted text may not be 100% accurate. It is important after using OCR to check over your content and fix any errors resulting from the conversion. If you need to edit the text in a PDF, CU Boulder faculty and staff can download Adobe Acrobat Pro at no cost.

Tutorial: Using OCR in SensusAccess