This website has resources that will help you in captioning your videos.

If you would like to caption your own videos, we have a few general tips on how to get started:

  1. Script your video in advance, if possible. If you have a transcript of your video, you can create captions in just a few minutes in YouTube. (Check out step 8 of our YouTube captioning tutorial to learn more.)
  2. Correct the automated captions in YouTube. Our favorite way to edit captions is in the YouTube caption editor interface. Upload your video to YouTube, wait until automated captions are generated, then edit them for accuracy. Check out step 7 of the YouTube captioning tutorial for more guidance. (If YouTube doesn't work for your needs, automated captioning is also available in Canvas Studio and Zoom Cloud. Learn more about all three tools on our Automated Captioning Tools page.)
  3. Make sure you note who is speaking, when there is music or applause, and any other important non-speech sounds. Learn more by reading our Captioning Quality Guidelines.
  4. Turn on live captions in your Zoom meetings. Consult our Live Captioning Tools page for more details.

Consult our DIY Captioning Resources page for an in-depth explanation of how to caption your content, and email us at with any questions!