Current Projects

Generation Exchange

Contact: Callie,

Community Partner: Generation Exchange

Respect Your Mother Recycling

Contact: Kennedy,

Community Partner: RYM Recycling

Graduate Food Assistance

Contact: Ash,

Community Partner: CU Boulder Food Assistance


Contact: Amara,

Community Partner: CU Boulder Office of Information Technology

Past Projects

National Project: YMCA Lifeguard Recruitment and Retention

How can we increase rentention rates for YMCA lifeguards

Community Partner: YMCA of Northern Colorado

Fall 2019


How can we replace MyCuinfo by creating a better unified student experience for CU Students?

Community Partner: CU Boulder Office of Information Technology

Spring 2019, Fall 2019

EyeFlite VR

How can we develop a hands free, interactive VR game for people with spinal cord injuries?

Community Partner: Eyeflite

Fall 2018, Spring 2019

Stress Management

How can we help students more effectively manage stress?

Community Partner: CU Boulder Health and Wellness Center

Spring 2019

Public Bike Repair Station

How can we prevent the theft of tools at public bike repair stations?

Community Partner: Standard Bike Repair

Fall 2018

Medline Mobility Project

The baby boomers are aging and the demand for mobility products is increasing. In Fall 2016 Medline Industries asked Design for America: How can we improve mobility devices for the aging population? The CU Boulder chapter presented two prototypes to Medline Industries at their headquarters in Chicago, IL. The Cricket is a rollator that forces the user to utilize muscles that are neglected when using the traditional walker. The Chameleon offers the user the option to increase and decrease the width of the walker conveniently.

Smart-Home Tech

The Smart Home Team is examined pain points that people experience in their home lives.  The team is looked at all aspects of people's relationship with their homes, from roommate living, to cooking, to entertaining, to energy use. In the end the team designed solutions to create homes that are more environmentally friendly

Social-Emotional Learning

SELEBRATE aims to increase social-emotional learning through the tactics of a tangible tool. Social emotional learning has the abilities to decrease mental health issues, increase academic and future success as well as prepare students better for college. 

Assitive Technology

SHALOM Denver is a local non-profit group that provides disabled individuals’ jobs. We worked with them to improve one job they provide – packaging shredded money into gift bags fir the US mint. This is one of the most challenging jobs, and we created a product that makes it easier.

Food Sustainability

The Food Waste team is working on reducing food waste. Our goal is to design a solution that will increase sustainability on CU's campus.

STEAM Education

The STEAM education team is working with CU Science Discovery to teach kids about the design process. They are creating a design thinking schema as well as a process to aid the teaches in teaching the process.


The Medline Mobility team is working on improving mobility in the aging population. Our goals are to design a product that will increase the independence of the baby boomer generation and slow their mobility decline.