The following chart depicts the structure of the DeRISK Center and internal team members.  Professor R. Scott Summers, PI of the proposal, will serve as the Center Director.  As PI and Center Director he is charged with the oversight, coordination and integration of the Center’s activities.  The Center Director will establish and maintain a Science Advisory Committee (SAC) of experts in technical fields related to the goals of the Center.  This Committee will assist in evaluating the merit, value and contribution of research projects, and the relevance and importance of individual organizational elements to accomplishing the overall goals of the Center.  The Technical Director will establish and maintain an Implementation Advisory Committee (IAC) that is responsible for the technical expertise and direction for Project 1, New Strategies for Technology Assessment and Implementation.  The Technical Director and IAC along with Project 1 team members will address the success and failures of current assessment and implementation approaches, develop the criteria needed to be successful, and build and test a decision support tool that will allow utilities and state agencies to limit the inappropriate use of technologies and streamline the implementation of appropriate technologies.  The Center Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Center, and the Center Financial Manager the finances of the Center.  The Investigators are the lead on their respective research activity.

DeRISK Center Organizational Structure Chart