Servers in Phase I of the project

SPSC data center

To ensure CU Boulder’s competitiveness as a top research university, and to enable the consolidation of departmental and administrative computing resources, a new data center has been created in the Space Science Center (SPSC) located in the Research Park on East Campus. This new facility supports research, academic and administrative computing functions and complements the High Performance Computing Facility (HPCF), which houses the Janus supercomputer.

The new SPSC data center addresses an acute shortage of quality data center space on the CU Boulder campus. This shortage is driven by the ever-increasing role of computing in scientific discovery. While support for research is a key focus of the SPSC data center, the facility is also available to address academic and administrative computing needs.

A campus data center offers the best possible physical and technical environment for academic, research and administrative computing equipment. Electricity and cooling are well designed, robust, and available in various redundant configurations. Professional IT staff from Research Computing and Office of Information Technology (OIT) are available to support various tasks and maintain computing equipment. Strong security provisions help researchers comply with the system and data protection requirements of sponsors. Additionally, the SPSC data center promotes the sharing of resources, consolidation through virtualization, and the expansion of local "cloud" services for processing, storage, and networking.

As a foundational piece of the campus’ cyberinfrastructure, the SPSC data center is a great asset to CU Boulder and the various faculty, staff, and researchers that take advantage of this resource. If you think you or your organization would benefit from the colocation services offered by the SPSC data center, fill out an information request form to begin the conversation with OIT.