Paul Schuster
Research Hydrologist, Yukon River Project, Climate and Land Use Mission Area • Laboratory Supervisor, Water, Energy, and Biogeochemical Budgets (WEBB) Project

B.S., 1986, Rutgers University, Cook College

Research Interests

My research interests are focused large-scale monitoring and process-based hydrologic studies with the ultimate objective of sustaining a program that develops long-term data sets to address the concerns of climate change and impacts to human and aquatic life. I am also interested in reconstructing paleo-records of climate and environmental conditions. I have organized and participated in numerous small and large-scale studies from the Everglades of Florida to the subarctic watershed of interior Alaska. During the past 10 years, I’ve developed a special interest in Mercury (Hg) cycling, transport, storage, export, and methylation in terrestrial and aquatic environments and the coupling of organic carbon (DOC, POC) and Hg in watersheds. I am also the laboratory supervisor for the USGS Water, Energy, and Biogeochemical Budget (WEBB) Program.