Niwot Ridge saddle catchment  image in red and near infrared wavelength

Announcing our first newsletter: CWEST Confluence

Sept. 19, 2017

The inagural newsletter features a drone's eye view of Niwot Ridge in red and near infrared wavelengths. Image credit: Oliver Wigmore The CWEST Confluence brings together water news from Boulder and beyond. This semesterly newsletter aims to highlight water realted research and education connectedness across silos. Sprinkled with water puns,... Read more »
NEON logo

Aquatic data products available at NEON

Sept. 10, 2017

The National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) is a continental-scale ecological observation facility, sponsored by the National Science Foundation and operated by Battelle, that gathers and synthesizes data on the impacts of climate change, land use change and invasive species on natural resources and biodiversity Neon is excited to announce that... Read more »
Hydrologic Sciences Grad Program Logo

September 20th Hydrologic Sciences Graduate Program Info Session

Sept. 8, 2017

By Sabre Duren The CU Boulder Hydrologic Sciences Graduate Program focuses on quantitative studies of water in the environment including its role in geologic and biogeochemical processes, ecosystem functions, and global elemental cycling. The interdisciplinary and interdepartmental propgram encourage students with a variety of undergraduate backgrounds to enter the field... Read more »
Terrain map of Niwot Ridge Saddle catchment

Excitement on Niwot Ridge's Saddle Catchment

Sept. 7, 2017

Drone’s eye view of the lower saddle catchment at Nell’s gauge. Captured from a multispectral drone custom built to operate in the strong winds and high elevations of Niwot Ridge. Image shows spectra captured in the red and near infrared wavelengths. Lighter grey colors indicate healthy (green) vegetation, while yellow... Read more »
Dr. Emily Bernhardt

November 15th CWEST Distinguished Seminar: Dr. Emily Bernhardt

Sept. 7, 2017

Please join CWEST for a Distinguished Seminar by Dr. Emily Bernhardt on Wednesday, November 15th, 11am-12pm in SEEC’s Sievers Room S228 . Dr. Bernhardt's is giving a talk titled Do rivers have rhythm? Measuring the pulse of stream ecosystems . Learn more in her abstract . Dr. Bernhardt is an... Read more »
Tyler Kane

Q&A with Tyler Kane, CWEST Tuition Fellowship Recipient

Sept. 6, 2017

Tyler Kane points out mineral deposits in the rock. Tyler Kane is a charismatic community builder with an ambitious work ethic. He is also the first recipient of the CWEST Tuition Fellowship. After receiving a BS in Geology from CU Boulder, he worked at the USGS. Now, with CWEST support,... Read more »
Zachary Little in the field

Mentorship Inspires Future Scientist

Sept. 6, 2017

Zachary worked with diatoms in both the lab and the field. Photo credit: Sarah Spaulding This summer, USGS Ecologist and INSTAAR research scientist Dr. Sarah Spaulding was a research mentor in UNAVCO’s Research Experiences in Solid Earth Sciences for Students (RESESS) program and welcomed undergraduate intern Zachary Little to her... Read more »
Hubbard Brooks south facing watershed by Chris Johnson

October 25th Distinguished Seminar: Dr. Charles Driscoll

Sept. 5, 2017

Please join CWEST for a Distinguished Seminar by Dr. Charles Driscoll on Wednesday October 25th, 11am-12pm in SEEC’s Sievers Room S228 . Dr. Driscoll will give a talk titled Effects of Changing Climate on the Structure and Function of the Northern Forest: Long-Term Measurements and Experiments from the Hubbard Brook... Read more »
Gold King Mine

September 20th Distinguished Seminar: Dr. Katie Walton-Day

Sept. 5, 2017

Please join us for a CWEST Distinguished Seminar by Dr. Katie Walton-Day on Wednesday, September 20th, 11am-12pm in SEEC’s Sievers Room S228 . Dr. Walton-Day will give a talk titled The August 2015 Gold King Mine Release in the Context of Previous Geologic and Water-Quality Studies . Read her abstract... Read more »

USGS & CU Connectedness Seminar Sept 5th 3pm

Aug. 22, 2017

As we wrap up the summer season, please join us for a USGS & CU Connectedness seminar on September 5th at 3-4pm in SEEC's Sievers Room S228 about Uranium dynamics in near-surface systems: examples of active research and teaching focused on Uranium biogeochemistry. Short, TED Talk-style talks will be given... Read more »