Katharine Suding
Lead Investigator of Niwot Ridge LTER • Associate Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
INSTAAR • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Ph.D., 1999, University of Michigan; BS, Williams College, 1994

Research Interests

Professor Suding's is interested in plant community ecology; restoration, invasion biology, environmental change, and conservation. She is a plant community ecologist working at the interface of ecosystem, landscape and population biology. Her goal is to apply cutting-edge “usable” science to the challenges of restoration, species invasion, and environmental change. She and her research group work with a range of conservation groups, government agencies and land managers to provide evidence-based solutions that take into account biodiversity, human well-being, and management opportunities. They employ a combination of long-term monitoring, modeling and experimental approaches in settings that range from alpine tundra to oak woodlands to grasslands. Common themes include plant-soil feedbacks, functional traits, species effects on ecosystem processes, and non-linear and threshold dynamics.