CWEST provides graduate student funding through the Aiken Endowed Memorial Graduate Research Fellowship. We organize undergraduate research and funding opportunties at the U.S. Geological Survey through CU's Undergraduate Research Opportuntity Program (UROP).

Aiken Endowed Memorial Graduate Research Fellowship

The Aiken Endowed Memorial Graduate Research Fellowship is now accepting applications for our next award period. Applications are due June 20th, 2019 for a year of funding starting in the 2019 Fall Semster.

The Aiken Endowed Memorial Graduate Research Fellowship is for any current or incoming Masters and/or PhD students at CU Boulder who develops a collaborative, water-related research project between CU and the U.S. Geological Survey in the greater Boulder/Denver area. Applicants must identify and be in communication with a CU faculty advisor and a USGS scientist co-advisor for their research.  We suggest visiting the CWEST people webpage to begin your search in finding CWEST faculty and USGS scientists. Funds may be used to support student tuition and salary or research. 

Up to two fellowships will be awarded for a maximum of $7,000 each. Funds are to be used starting in Fall 2019 for a duration of 1 year. Full details of this fellowship and the application process are found in the request for proposals (RFP) document below. Details and requirements are subject to change.

Fellowship RFP Application Form

For more information, please refer to the application Rubric and Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact CWEST’s Program Manager at with questions.

Undergraduate Research Opportuntity Program (UROP)

UROP is an undergraduate research funding program at CU Boulder. CWEST leverages these existing funds to increase undergraduate research engagement at the USGS. Undergraduates interested in doing research at the USGS should reach out to CWEST's Program Manager for help in coordinating a research opportunity and applying for research funding. CU faculty can also apply for UROP funds that support an undergraduate(s) researcher project(s). CWEST is here to facilitate joint CU and USGS activities to increase undergraduate access to USGS trainings and research opportunities. 

Past events included a USGS lab tours in the office located on Marine Street. About 15 students at both the graduate and undergraduate level toured the lab. Of this group, 3-4 students decided to volunteer at the USGS and began building relationships with USGS scientists. CWEST is here to help undrgraduate students receive UROP funding to partake in USGS reserach. Stay tuned for the next USGS lab tour via our CWEST events page and request to join our email list-serve for email notifications about CWEST events. 

Email CWEST Program Manager,, for more information and to join our email list-serve.