Donald Rosenberry

Ph. D. 2007, University of Colorado, Boulder

Research Interests

Don is a research hydrologist with the National Research Program specializing in wetland hydrology, water budgets of lakes and wetlands, and hyporheic processes.   Research is focused at the sediment-water interface with an emphasis on understanding processes that control exchanges between groundwater and surface water.  Don also is the coordinator of the Shingobee Headwaters Aquatic Ecosystem Project where scientists from USGS and academia work together to study physical, chemical, and biological processes of lakes, wetlands, and streams at a small-watershed scale.  Don's interests in groundwater, surface water, and the dynamic sediment-water interface stem from his formative years at Bemidji State University (on the shore of one of Minnesota's 10,000 lakes), the University of Minnesota (on the banks of the Mississippi River), and the University of Colorado (through which Boulder Creek flows).