Albert Kettner
Research Scientist • Co-Director, Dartmouth Flood Observatory • Senior Personnel, Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System

Ph.D., 2007, Technical University Delft, the Netherlands

Research Interests

Albert’s research interest is mainly focused on both local and global fluvial supply dynamics to the coastal zone. With numerical models he investigates the impact of long-term climate and sea-level controls on riverine water and sediment fluxes and how these fluxes change over time. On shorter timescales, Albert focuses on anthropogenic changes (e.g. altering of land use and placement of reservoirs) and how these impact water discharge and sediment flux. In 2011 he became Co-Director of the Dartmouth Flood Observatory (DFO), currently housed at INSTAAR. For DFO he designs and implements (part of the) procedures to automate DFO product distribution (global flood inundation maps & the status of remotely sensed gauging stations).