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3056: KGNU: Tiny Houses and Livable Cities
3102: Debate: A Thriving Economy: Should Government Weigh In or Get Out of the Way?
3106: What Water is Trying to Tell Us
3107: Life in the 22nd Century
3111: Will Congress Ever Work Again?
3113: Keeping Culture and Traditions Alive
3114: Brexit and the Future of the EU
3115: The Future of Music: Its Rock and its Role in Society
3116: Bioengineering: Designer Babies and More
3117: The Medium is the Movie- What's the Message?
3156: Bridging Divides: It's Time to Listen (not recorded)
3206: Do Your Brain a Favor: Spend Time Outdoors (not recorded)
3207: Origin Stories (not recorded)
3300: Food Series Keynote Address: Why Food Matters; Nourishing Our Bodies and the Land (not recorded) VIDEO AVAILABLE
3306: YIMBY: Yes! In My Back Yard
3311: Nationalism Returns to America
3313: What Keeps Business Leaders Up at Night
3314: Rx for Income Inequality
3315: Watchdogs, Whistleblowers and Wikileaks
3406: Torture: Human Rights and Wrongs
3407: How Damaged is America's Worldwide Reputation? (not recorded)
3416: Nuclear Triad: How Many Nukes Does It Take? (not recorded)
3466: The Party's Over: The Future of Political Parties
3502: UCAR Walter Orr Roberts Distinguished Lecture: Hurricanes, Climate, and Culture: How We Cope with Natural Disasters
3504: Astronomy: "Honey, check out the new neighbors!"
3506: Climate Refugees: The Human Cost of Climate Change (not recorded)
3513: Let's Eat Real Food, Mostly Vegetables, Not Too Much
3515: Is It Time to Dump the Electoral College?
3516: Poverty: What's Really Needed
3606: Deutschlands wechselnde Rolle in der internationalen Politik (in German) (not recorded)
3616: The End of Globalization As We Know It (not recorded)
3617: Finding Your Passion
3704: Taxes: I Don't Want to Pay for Your Government
3707: Environment vs. Economics (not recorded)
3711: Trump's First 100 Days: Are We Great Yet? (not recorded) VIDEO AVAILABLE
3712: The Pursuit of Happiness
3713: The Opposite of Fast Food: the Rise of Urban Casual
3715: The Career Less Traveled
3716: Future of Medicine: Combating Disease
3717: Law and Society
3766: Mental Health: Stepping Out of the Darkness
3816: Speed Chating: 7 Speakers, 7 minutes, 7 times! (not recorded)
3966: The Courage to Leap Into the Unknown