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2056: KGNU: New Adventures in Astronomy
2152: Thou Shalt Not Mess With Women's Reproductive Rights: Fallopians 20:17
2153: Religious Diversity
2154: China and North Korea: It's Complicated
2155: Climate Science and Policy Today
2156: Oh Heck, I'm Up to My Neck...In Student Debt
2157: Opiods- Prescriptions vs. Addiction
2206: At-Risk Kids: Breaking the Cycle
2302: Space Tourism For Fun and Profit
2303: Violent Extremism as a Form of Resistance
2304: How Australia Took Aim at Guns
2305: The Best Two Parties Money Can Buy
2306: Visualizing Change: Art and Activism
2307: Nurturing Innovation: How and Where (not recorded)
2452: It's Just "Locker Room Talk"
2453: China: Our Banker, Trade Partner, and Threat?
2454: Policing: Crime, Justice, and Civil Rights
2455: The Siberian Candidate: Russia and the 2016 Election
2456: Fireside Chat: Dogs and Us (not recorded)
2457: Corporate Values: Not Just the Bottom LIne
2602: Sports: A Concussion Discussion
2603: Can CEOs Run a Government?
2604: Ethics and Corruption in Government
2605: Laughing Matters: Humor in an Unfunny World
2606: Owning the Visual: Representations of the Female Form
2607: Religion: Cause or Cover of Violence?
2616: SciFi Influencing Science (not recorded)
2716: Performance and Master Class: Music from the Heart (not recorded)
2752: Let's Talk About Race
2753: Science Literacy: Why 1,2,3 can be as easy as A,B,C
2754: Why We Heart the Constitution (not recorded)
2755: Is America Waging A War on Women?
2757: The Power of a Story
2756: Fear As A Tool (not recorded)
2758: Power to the People: Ending Energy Poverty
2816: Poetry Showcase
2956: Hometown Conversations: Facing the Affordable Housing Crisis: Boulder and Beyond
2957: Sounds Through Our Cosmos (not recorded)