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4056: KGNU: Getting Outside
4151: A Green Light for Israel?
4152: Democrats: Who We Are Now
4153: Chefs Collaborative: How to Create a Better Food System
4154: Do Student Athletes Get a Raw Deal?
4155: The Economic Impacts of Immigration
4156: Give Peace A Chance: International Conflict Resolution
4157: The Magical Intersection of Art and Science
4166: Three's a Crowd: Russia, China, and the US
4266: MFA Exhibition and Curatorial Conversation (not recorded)
4301: U.S. Immigration: Give Me Your Tired and Poor
4302: Sex with Robots: What's Not to Like?
4303: Food Insecurity in the Midst of Plenty
4304: Women in Science: Needed Now More Than Ever?
4306: Gender Equity-Until It Rains Glass
4307: Changing Careers: Keeping Your Options Open
4356: The Promise of the Sharing Economy
4450: Howard Higman Memorial Plenary: The View from Hanoi
4452: Thanks, Obama
4453: American Institutions: The Republic at Risk
4454: Singularity: When the Real World Becomes Westworld
4455: Improvisation: It Happens...
4456: Young and Bored of Being Young and Bored
4566: The Road Less Traveled: Exceptional Career Paths
4602: Implications of a U.S. Retreat from International Alliances
4603: The Future of Food; A Taste of Things to Come
4604: Deregulation: Good for Business, What About Consumers?
4605: Astronomy's New Toys
4607: Redefining Masculinity
4608: Chinese Scholars Take on Climate Change
4611: Jazz Master Class
4752: U.S. Foreign Policy: The Winning Move is Not to Play?
4756: Grow Up! But How? Becoming and Adult
4800: Molly Ivins Memorial Plenary: Laughing Matters: How to Use Humor to Activate and Educate
4904: Protecting Those Most Vunerable
4936: Film/Talkback: Equity (not recorded)
4955: Apocalypse
4956: Hometown Conversations: The Love Hate Relationship with Sanctuary Cities
4985: Film/Talkback: Stop Motion, Animation, Painted Frames and Animated Shorts (not recorded)