Director, ETE Foundation Board of Directors • Participant, The Dawn Will Break"
2021 Speaker

Stella was born in what is now the independent country of South Sudan. At the age of five or so, she fled Sudan’s decades-long civil war through Kenya and ended up here in Boulder Colorado. 

Stella attended high school in Boulder and eventually graduated with a degree in International Affairs and Peace and Conflict certificate from the university of Colorado Boulder.

After collage, she moved to Washington DC after being awarded the most prestigious fellowship with Mrs. Obama in her communications office. She went onto work for several nonprofits in DC including the Planned Parenthood National office, American Association for the Advancement of Science and currently works as a contractor for the Department of Homeland Security in the Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) specifically working under the National Critical Function initiative. In addition, she is currently pursuing a master’s in Development Management at the American university in Washington DC. 

Stella has had the opportunity to mentor other young women as well as to form partnerships with community members and organizations that are strategically working in impoverished communities and conflict zones. 

Along with her passion to help others, to change institutions for the better, and to bring about a safer, and just world, she also cares deeply about education, and empowerment of women, particularly in her native Africa and country South Sudan. As a member of ETE board of Directors, Stella shares the commitment to find solutions to end the rampant atrocities that have caused the lives of many in her hometown and hopes to use her knowledge and experiences to bring about change to the women/girls who weren’t lucky enough to make it out. Stella’s hobbies include practicing yoga, cooking, hosting friends (pre-covid), dancing and being out in nature. She is a plant mom :)