Candler Professor of Physics Emeritus, Emory University
2017 Speaker

Atlanta, GA

Sidney Perkowitz was born in New York City and earned his BS and PhD in physics at Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute and the University of Pennsylvania, respectively. As Charles Howard Candler Professor of Physics at Emory University, he produced more than 100 research papers and books. Now as Candler professor emeritus and a free-lance writer, he presents science for nonscientists through eight books, from Empire of Light to Hollywood Chemistry and Universal Foam 2.0, which have been translated into seven languages and braille. He has also written print and web feature articles and essays in numerous outlets including Discover, Aeon, Nature, New Scientist and the Los Angeles Review of Books. His theatrical works have been produced in Atlanta, New York and Chicago, and he has appeared on media outlets such as CNN, NPR and the BBC, and at venues including NASA and the Smithsonian Institution. His latest books in progress are Frankenstein 2018, to be published on the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s classic story, and Physics: A Very Short Introduction. He is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the recipient of a lifetime achievement award from the Society for Literature, Science and the Arts.