CEO & Artistic Director, The Power of Song, Inc.
2019 Speaker

Burbank, California

September Penn is a singer, songwriter and recording artist who has performed across the United States, Africa, China, Japan, Israel and Palestine. She is CEO/artistic director and co-founder of The Power of Song Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit organization that mentors youth while educating them about social justice issues through song, theater and art. A graduate of Virginia Tech, Penn is earning her master’s in divinity at Fuller Theological Seminary with a focus on worship, theology and the arts as well as race, reconciliation and cultural identity. She has served as the music director for Stanford University history professor Clayborne Carson and his play Passages of Martin Luther King. For work with Carson, September wrote her own production, Sounds of the Civil Rights Movement: The Power of Song, the flagship of her nonprofit. She also wrote and recorded the music for an original play about the homeless, The Cardboard Stories. Penn currently serves as a worship leader at Montrose Church in Southern California and director of the Kaleo Choir at Fuller.