Professor and Chair, English Department, University of Redlands
2019 Speaker • CU Alumnus

Redlands, California

Priya Jha is professor and chair of English at the University of Redlands, where she has taught in that department but also in women, gender and sexuality studies; race and ethnic studies; and media and visual cultures, for the past 13 years. Driven partly by her own biography as an immigrant from India, she explores in her work the lives of people whose histories lie in colonialism and the various ways in which their needs, desires and hopes intersect.

Currently she is working on two monographs, the first of which is a memoir of the 1.5 generation, Not That Kind of Indian, and the second, a book on colonialism and design, Deliberate Designs: Affect and Aesthetics in Postcolonial Literature and Culture. She is also writing two essays, "Sonic Solidarities: Transcultural Lives of ‘We Shall Overcome’ in My Name Is Khan,” and “Feral Citizenship and Gender in Bhanu Kapil's Humanimal: Girls Without Borders.” In her spare time Jha likes to cook, read, be outdoors and design and organize interior spaces.