Managing Partner, FutureLab Consulting
2019 Speaker • 2020 Speaker

San Francisco, California

Moses Ma is attempting to live the life of a modern Taoist. Over the years, he has enjoyed being a videogame designer, an artist, an internet visionary, a high tech entrepreneur, a filmmaker, a physicist, a Buddhist and a martial artist. Today, he runs FutureLab, a venture incubator with startups in blockchain, enterprise computing, mobile apps and quantum computing. But, he says, “In my heart, I'm a simple poet with an unconventional life.” 

Here are three little known facts about Ma: 

He says, “My earliest memory is of my brother and sister lighting firecrackers and dropping them off the balcony in Hong Kong. When I was seven, I met Marlon Brando and Yul Brynner on the set of the film Morituri, which was shot on a freighter that my Dad's pal worked on. Brando was so worried about gaining weight, he'd only eat one hard boiled egg a day during the shoot. And, in college, I wanted to witness ball lightning, so during thunderstorms, I'd go into nearby mountains hunting for ball lightning or St Elmo's fire.”