Managing Partner, FutureLab Consulting
2019 Speaker

San Francisco, California

Moses Ma is an innovation consultant who works with senior executives at global companies and organizations to become more agile and innovative. As a technology visionary, he has been praised in Time Magazine, the New York Times and other publications. Over the years, Ma has been involved in the forefront of many exciting technologies: he was an award-winning videogame designer who literally invented the category of networked games; he took an uncapitalized software startup and built it into the 97th-largest, 7th-fastest growing and 11th-most profitable in the country; and at the CommerceNet think tank, he invented the concept of e-markets. Currently, Ma manages the FutureLab Blockchain Lab, where he leads several exciting projects and ventures. He is co-chair of the Verifiable News Initiative at the W3C, which plans to develop countermeasures for fake news. He is the author/co-author of three books: Agile Innovation, which introduced a new approach to classical innovation using agile process; Soulful Branding, which offers practical, expert guidance on how to achieve higher levels of business success; and Blockchain Design Sprint, the fastest way to bring your blockchain vision to reality.