Syndicated columnist, Washington Post • Advocacy Advisor, ONE • Former Presidential Policy Advisor and Speechwriter
2019 Speaker

Washington, D.C.

Michael Gerson is a nationally syndicated columnist who appears twice weekly in the Washington Post and in nearly 100 other newspapers. He is the author of Heroic Conservatism (2007) and coauthor of City of Man: Religion and Politics in a New Era (2010). Gerson serves on the leadership council of the Initiative for Global Development, on the advisory council of the Bush Institute’s Human Freedom Initiative and on the board of the John C. Danforth Center on Religion and Politics. Gerson was the 2015 Egan visiting professor at Duke University and the 2016 Andrews Fellow at the College of William & Mary. He appears regularly on the PBS NewsHour and Face the Nation.  

Gerson serves as senior adviser at One, a bipartisan organization dedicated to the fight against extreme poverty and preventable diseases. Until 2006, Gerson was a top aide to President George W. Bush as assistant to the president for policy and strategic planning. Prior to that appointment, he served in the White House as deputy assistant to the president and director of presidential speechwriting and assistant to the president for speechwriting and policy adviser.

Until 2006 Gerson was a top aide to President George W. Bush as assistant to the president for policy and strategic planning, advocating for AIDS relief, the president’s malaria initiative, the fight against global sex trafficking, and funding for women’s justice and empowerment issues. Gerson had joined Bush’s presidential campaign in early 1999 as chief speechwriter and a senior policy advisor.

He was previously a senior editor covering politics at U.S. News and World Report. Gerson was a speechwriter and policy advisor for Jack Kemp, a speechwriter for Bob Dole during his 1996 presidential campaign and a policy director for Senator Dan Coats of Indiana. A graduate of Wheaton College in Illinois, Gerson grew up in the St. Louis area and now lives with his wife and sons in northern Virginia.