Founder, The Mental Elephant
2019 Speaker

Greenville, North Carolina

Miana Bryant is a graduate from East Carolina University (ECU) obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and criminal justice (2018). Her passion for mental health stemmed from her own personal battles with depression and anxiety throughout her adolescence. Though wounded, Bryant turned her pain into The Mental Elephant in order to reach other people around the globe that battle the same problems. She is the sole founder and currently the only editor of all online outlets. Aside from online work, she is also the president of The Mental Elephant Organization on her college campus, with a five-member executive board and an estimated 150 herd members. In addition, Bryant had a 3.4 major GPA; received the 2017–18 Black Excellence Award for Black Girl Magic by ECU’s chapter of the NAACP; and is an inducted member of the National Society of Leadership and Success. She intends to pursue her master’s and PhD in forensic psychology and work toward becoming a criminal psychologist by 2026.