Social Epidemiologist • Assistant Professor, Lamar University
2020 Speaker

Beaumont, Texas

Dr. Margot Witvliet is a social epidemiologist and assistant professor at Lamar University. 

She earned her PhD in social epidemiology and public health from the University of Amsterdam/Amsterdam Medical Center UVA/AMC from the Department of Public Health. During her PhD she visited UCLA to carry out research. Before working at Lamar University Witvliet completed two post-doctoral fellowships. Her first post-doctoral fellowship was at the UVA/AMC. After being awarded a personal Norwegian career grant she completed her second post-doctoral fellowship at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology department of sociology, where she also served as principal investigator. 

During her Norwegian post-doctoral period she completed a research visit to Harvard University. 

Witvliet has written more than 17 peer-reviewed journal publications and has more than 100 citations. Reuters News quoted Witvliet for her co-authored research on lone motherhood. Her co-authored publication on corruption and health is cited by the United Nations. 

She has won a number of awards and has been invited to present her research at international conferences. Witvliet speaks Dutch fluently. She is a veteran advocate and is working with Young Americans Overseas to build Texas’s first women veteran and women first responder park. Her forthcoming book is entitled The Many Faces of Cannabis