Principal Engineer, Office of the CTO, Uber
2019 Speaker

San Francisco, CA

M Waleed Kadous is passionate about using technology (especially artificial intelligence) to change people's lives. At Uber, he has helped riders and drivers find each other by improving location and maps, as well as develop techniques that use phone sensors and artificial intelligence to detect when a car has been in an accident. Prior to Uber, Waleed worked at Google on Google Maps, Google X and Android. Waleed has an academic background. He did research on systems that recognize sign language, find victims in mock disaster sites, and developed smart sensing to assist the elderly in being independent. Outside of work, Waleed has maintained a strong connection to the Muslim community. In the aftermath of September 11, he co-founded a civil rights group in Australia that analyzed new counter-terror laws and their effects, educated others about the laws via publications and seminars, and represented the Muslim community in parliamentary hearings.