Communication Director, INDEX
2019 Speaker

Copenhagen, Denmark

Lesley Price is Communications Director at INDEX: Design to Improve Life, a non-profit organisation based in Copenhagen, Denmark. 
Founded in 2001, INDEX provides knowledge, global recognition and capital to people using design to bring about purposeful change. The organisation is best known for INDEX: Award, a large-scale design biennale celebrating the world's most iconic and impactful solutions. Notable past-winners include Duolingo, LifeStraw and The Ocean Cleanup. 
At INDEX, Lesley oversees all communication efforts. Originally from Australia, she is an experienced journalist and, when time permits, enjoys freelancing in the fields of innovation, tech and culture. Lesley has also sat on the Good Design Award Jury, Australia’s oldest and most prestigious Awards program for design and innovation. 
Lesley is most interested in human-centred design - everything from the very simple to the almost sci-fi. In line with INDEX, her mission is to show how design can be instrumental in establishing a good quality of life for all.