de la fuente
Director, SMC Consulting
2018 Speaker

Santiago, Chile

Born and raised in Chile, Jose De La Fuente studied high school simultaneously in Chile and Connecticut before studying economics at Tulane University. He began his career at Banco Central de Chile, Chile's Federal Reserve, and developed the Import-Export System to control imports and the return of FX for Exports. De La Fuente later worked in the international division managing the IMF, IDB and WB lending facilities.

In the early ‘90s, he began developing different start-ups, opening the U.S. market for Chilean wine and fresh salmon, then moving Venezuela, where he managed  a Chilean sanitaryware operation, before Chavez came to power. For 20 years, De La Fuente helped U.S. companies develop their international business with a clear focus on Latin America. For the last nine years he has worked with Newell Brands, a Fortune 500 Company, to develop their leading brands in Latin America. In addition, he has developed SMC Consulting to support mid and small U.S. companies to build their regional presence.