Director, Center for the Study of Democracy and Social Change • Instructor, University of San Francisco
2018 Speaker

San Bruno, California

Gregory K. Tanaka is a writer and community-based researcher who is committed to helping to test and replicate a model that initiates a more community-based, bottom up, and participatory U.S. democracy.

Having written articles in The Journal of Higher Education, Anthropology & Education Quarterly, The Journal of Peace Education, The Himalayan Times and The International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education. His next book, to be published soon, is entitled Systemic Collapse and Renewal: A Narrative Account of How Race and Capital Came to Destroy Meaning and Civility in America and Foreshadow the Coming Economic Depression will be published by Peter Lang Publishing this summer. Holder of an MBA from Harvard, a JD from Georgetown and two PhDs from UCLA, he has worked as an acting law school dean and acting bank president and is a recipient of the James Clavell Literary Award.