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5106: Vunerabilidades de la Comunidad Hispanohablante en la America del Presidente Trump (In Spanish)
5107: Mind Over Matter: Strength and Fitness
5112: Here's How I'd Defeat ISIS
5113: Non-Voters: Can't, Won't, Couldn't Be Bothered
5114: Space Ethics: Asking the Tough Questions
5115: Why Public Opinion Has Turned Against Trade
5116: The Human Desire for Narrative
5117: Books That Changed My Life
5118: Women in National Security
5119: Schools and Tomorrow's Workforce
5216: Jazz Dynamics
5301: Guitar Jam
5312: Ripped From the Headlines (not recorded) VIDEO AVAILABLE
5313: Two Steps Forward, One Back?: LGBTQ Rights (not recorded)
5315: Trade Deals: Job Creators, Job Killers, or Strategic Imperatives (not recorded)
5316: Finding Friendship
5317: "Hacktivism" and Cyber Security
5446: Film/Talkback: Tower (not recorded)
5466: Geopolitical Divergence Within Islam
5503: Net Neutrality: Internet Inequality (not recorded)
5511: America's (Un)changing Relationship with Russia (not recorded) VIDEO AVAILABLE
5512: Trump's Nationalist Economic Agenda (not recorded) VIDEO AVAILABLE
5514: Technology in Developing Countries: What We Take for Granted (not recorded)
5515: How Politics Derailed Science
5516: Dance/Music Improv with Aerial (not recorded)
5616: The Media Elected Trump But He Still Hates Them
5704: Minimum Wage: The 99% Need A Raise
5706: A.I. May Not Kill All Our Jobs, But It Will Change Many
5707: AIDS: Forgotten But Not Gone
5711: The Self in "Selfie: Identity in the Social Media Age
5712: What the U.S. Can Learn From My Country
5713: The Future of Water: Our Most Precious Resource
5715: Trouble in the South China Sea
5716: Put the STEAM into STEM Education, Just Add ART
5717: The Importance of Adventure PART 1
5717: The Importance of Adventure PART 2
5718: Global Demographics: Living Longer and Dying Less