Innovation Strategist
2020 Speaker • 2021 Speaker

Brooklyn, New York

Elsie Iwase is an innovation consultant working with major organizations to redefine their purpose and implement business transformation through actionable strategy and tangible experiences. 

She believes the private sector plays a crucial role in the betterment of our society and standard of living of our communities. Her work is rooted in the application of behavioral sciences, a systems-thinking approach and an ethical lens to create positive change. She believes that organizations of the future will thrive only when they understand and respond nimbly to the changing social and cultural landscape, while fully owning the responsibility they hold as actors with power and influence over how people think, act, consume, connect and live.

Iwase has advised Google, MoMA, IBM, LinkedIn, Coca-Cola, Target and Sallie Mae among many others, in their path to innovate their businesses, services and experiences with a true human-centric and ethical approach. She’s also worked with nonprofits such as Civic Nation, creating a blueprint to enhance civic engagement, and Charles Schwab Foundation, developing a financial product to help low-income American families.