Novelist & Strategist
2017 Speaker • 2018 Speaker

Oakland, CA

Eliot Peper writes fast-paced, deeply-researched stories with diverse casts that explore the intersection of technology and society. He is the author of Cumulus, Neon Fever Dream, and the Uncommon Series and his books have been praised by The Verge, Popular Science, Businessweek, io9, and Ars Technica. Eliot is an editor at Scout and an adviser to entrepreneurs and investors. He has helped build various technology businesses, survived dengue fever, translated Virgil’s Aeneid from the original Latin, worked as an entrepreneur-in-residence at a venture capital firm, and explored the ancient Himalayan kingdom of Mustang.

His writing has appeared in Harvard Business Review, TechCrunch, and the Chicago Review of Books and he has been a speaker at places like Google, Qualcomm, and Future in Review.