Founder and CEO, Sustainable Ocean Alliance
2020 Speaker

San Francisco, California

Daniela Fernandez, founder and CEO of Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA), is an award-winning social entrepreneur, thought leader and international speaker on the entrepreneurial mindset, ocean innovation and technology, youth empowerment and sustainability.     

At the age of 19, she founded SOA as a college-room idea at Georgetown University. Five years later, she has built SOA into a global organization that is cultivating and accelerating innovative solutions to protect and sustain the health of the ocean. SOA has created the world’s largest network of young ocean leaders with a presence in more than 155 countries. SOA successfully launched the world’s first ocean solutions accelerator to develop technological solutions that can address the greatest threats facing our planet.

How can we cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset in the next generation? What are the leading technologies that can be implemented to help address the challenges facing our environment? How can established companies harness the power of young people? What trends are we seeing in Gen Z and Millennials as consumers, employees and future business leaders? Fernandez is answering these critical questions to influence the new wave of entrepreneurs and redefine the relationship between emerging technologies, mitigating climate change, restoring ocean health and social good.