Photographer • Financial Analyst, Microsoft, Wanderer • Irish Olympian
2019 Speaker

Seattle, Washington

Born in the U.K. to Irish parents and raised in Utah, Conor Lyne recently moved from Seattle, Washington, to Sydney, Australia. His childhood was defined by skiing in Utah and summering on the west coast of Ireland. To this day, venturing down to Hospital in County Limerick and Brandon in County Kerry gives him a bit of what always has been, and always will be, home.  

Lyne’s love for ski racing has had a significant influence on his life. The endless days of training from the age of 11 instilled dedication and passion in all that he does. Ultimately, this perseverance allowed him to fulfill his dream of competing for Ireland in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Achieving his own dream drove Lyne to discover the dreams of others. This past summer, he traveled to 21 countries in order to begin Wander Faces, a photography project aimed at deconstructing stereotypes of people around the world. Photography dovetails with his love of travel, outdoor adventure and exploring new cultures. Importantly, photography gives Lyne the opportunity to capture what he experiences. From his new base in Sydney, he looks forward to investigating a new part of the world and sharing those experiences with everyone back home.