2018 Speaker

Bristol, United Kingdom

Clare Muireann Murphy is a storyteller. This word is used a lot for many artforms, but she means it in the original sense, she stands up and tells stories. She is often compared to a ranconteuse/comedienne. Her stories range from 3000 year old myth to historical stories from WWII. She composes one person shows on Syrian folklore, quantum physics and mythology, Irish myth, and lgbqt stories. Her story repertoire includes an additional 120+ stories from world myth and folklore as well as original stories.

Murphy has performed in more than 20 countries and on many international stages including the Globe Theatre, The National Theatre, The Barbican Theatres in London. She's worked with amazing organisations including the Royal Shakespeare Company, BBC Radio, National Museums Ireland. She performs, teaches, consults and trains people in the art of storytelling. She is a dramaturg and a writer. She is very interested in the way in which story works on a micro and macro level to shape society. She is also deeply interested in the alchemical space between performer and audience. She is dedicated to curiosity, and a lover of the word; spoken or written.