Director, IoT Analytics, CAT Digital
2021 Speaker

Dr. Andrei Khurshudov specializes in Big Data Analytics, the Industrial Internet of Things, cloud storage and computing, in-memory computing, and data storage technology. Andrei is a Director of IoT Analytics at CAT Digital, the digital technology arm of Caterpillar. Andrei’s organization focuses on data analysis and predictive modeling for a million connected machines and devices.

Andrei has spent over ten years at Seagate Technology, serving as a Chief Technologist and managed various R&D organizations in such areas as big data analytics, cloud storage, cloud computing, quality and reliability, and others. In the recent past, Andrei served as a Chief Data Officer at Formulus Black, a New Jersey startup developing software for in-memory computing, and a CTO and Chief Data Officer at Alchemy IoT, a Boulder-area startup creating cloud-based analytics solutions for the Internet of Things.

Andrei has a Ph.D. in Engineering and worked at such companies as IBM, Hitachi Global Storage, and Samsung. Andrei has numerous publications, patents, conference presentations, and a book.