Published: April 19, 2021

Call for Board applicants: The CWA welcomes interest in joining its Board as a faculty/staff member, CU student, or member of the broader Boulder community. Review the CWA Board job description and board responsibilities and to view other Board documents on the CWA Board Webpage

CU Faculty and Staff CWA Board members are appointed by the Chancellor. There is one Faculty/Staff Board member position opening up this spring. CU Faculty and Staff interested in serving on the Board, or if you have questions about the opportunity, please contact CWA Faculty Director John Griffin at

There are also two student Board seats to fill. If you are a CU undergraduate or graduate student interested in serving on the CWA Board please apply at the link below by May 10, and if you have any questions contact Katie Grady at

There are two community board member positions opening up. The Program Committee election for the community board member will take place virtually on Sunday May 16. Applications for the CWA Board are due May 10 (see link below). If you have any questions about serving on the CWA Board as a community member, please contact Board Chair Leslie Durgin at

Click Here for Community & Student Board Applications

Second, the CWA Board invites nominations and self-nominations for the positions of 2021-22 CWA Community Outreach Chair and Community Program Chair. The CWA has a Community Outreach Chair, who is external-facing and serves on the Development Committee and Board, and a Community Program Chair, who co-chairs the CWA Program Committee and also sits on the Board.

To learn more about the roles of Community Outreach Chair or Community Program Chair in our organization and eligibility for these positions, please review our updated Governance Structure and/or contact a member of the Board.

Nominations and self-nominations for the positions of Community Outreach Chair or Community Program Chair should be directed to CWA Board Chair Leslie Durgin,, and should be received by May 10, 2021