Published: June 15, 2020

Dear CWA Supporter,

We hope that each of you and your loved ones are healthy and safe. As we experience the on-going challenges and the devastation that COVID-19 has brought to so many in our communities, we encourage everyone who has the capacity to consider a special contribution to non-profit organizations serving those in need. And like many of you, we are heeding the concern and call to action as we are again so powerfully reminded of the desperate need to address and genuinely eliminate racism and its devastating impacts on the lives of so many people in this and other communities throughout the country and the world.

It is with these powerful reminders of our individual and collective places in the lives of others that we at the Conference on World Affairs (CWA) are reaching out to tell you of our on-going work.

The positive role for CWA in these difficult times is compelling. We are driven by our commitment to provide opportunities for respectful and engaged dialogue among people with different points of view and experiences on issues of vast importance today. CWA is also expanding our partnership with CU to enhance what inevitably will be a challenging student experience in the coming year. We are restructuring our committees to provide CU students with enhanced ways to identify topics and speakers of current interest and to assume strong and meaningful leadership roles in the planning and implementation of the Conference.

As you know, the in-person Conference scheduled in April had to be canceled due to the pandemic. We instead offered a virtual conference via Zoom, hosting one panel a day for five days on topics related to the virus. Panelists covered pandemic topics ranging from the scientific, to historic and to humorous. We had over 17,000 views in those 5 days!!

Led by student and community volunteers, we are now looking at the opportunities for a small CWA in the fall of 2020, almost certianly with a remote audience. We are still in the exploration stage, looking at the logistical, financial and operational challenges of hosting an event to engage students and the Boulder community within CU’s necessary restrictions. We are actively planning on a strong and vibrant Spring Conference in April, most likely with a virtual audience. So mark your calendars for Wednesday-Saturday, April 7-10, 2021!

The State Legislature is now wrestling with the severe budget cuts resulting from COVID-19’s economic devastation. Initial proposals indicate that higher education may be forced to endure a 58% cut in state funding. By agreement, CU provides 50% of the CWA annual budget, and the Boulder community provides the other 50% through individual and corporate donations. At CU’s request, like all other departments CWA is examining ways to cut our budget to meet anticipated reductions in funding.

CWA’s fiscal year ends on June 30. We would be extremely grateful for your support if you have the interest and the capacity to make a special donation to the Conference on World Affairs. You can count on us to use it to make a real difference!!


Leslie Durgin                          John Griffin                                        Laurie Leinonen
Chair, CWA Board                 Faculty Director                                  Community Program Chair

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