Published: May 28, 2020

Your support of the CWA contributes to the realization of this unique Boulder tradition each year, and improves our ability to enhance the experience of our audience and that of our invited speakers and artists. During these uncertain times, support for programs like the CWA is appreciated more than ever.

We are grateful to our dedicated community of volunteers and supporters who ensure that the special experience of CWA continues for future generations to come.

Thank you for your commitment to the Conference on World Affairs!

A Letter to Our Supporters from Our Leadership

Planned Gifts

We are grateful to the following donors for investing in CWA’s financial future:

Estate of Roger Ebert
Estate of Edith Morris
Kathy and John Rosenbloom
Robert M. Sprinkle

Individual Gifts

* Indicates Multi-Year Pledge

Ernestine and Professor George Barany

$25,000 - $100,000
Robin and Kevin Luff*

$10,000 - $24,999
Liz and Francis Blake
Jane McConnell and TJ Heyman
Elise and Skip Miller
Mark and Mauree Perry

$5,000 - $9,999
Wynn Bruce
Linda Haertling and Mark Meyer
Betsy and Albert Hand
Virginia Jones*
Kathy and John Rosenbloom*

Julie and Trent Tishkowski
Jeannie and Jack Thompson

$2,500 - $4,999
Linda and David Bachrach
Jan Burton
Charlene Coutre and Stuart Williams*
Linda and Marc Crawford
Leslie Durgin and Sam Fitch
Patricia and Brian Ratner
Stephen Tebo
Katy and Bob Yates

$1,000 - $2,499
Steve Bosley
Ginny Corsi
Audrey and Andy Franklin
Susannah Gardner and Dan Lubar
Helen and Stanford Gregory, Jr.
Gail and Larry Griffin
Gail Hiestand
Kathleen and Wayne Hillock
Constance Holden and TK Smith
Anne Knorr
L. Alberta Little
Vicky and Larry Nelson
Brenda and Arno Niemand
Mary Schafer-Mahrer and Nathan Mahrer
Tina Marquis and Jason Meshnick
Amy and Jack Rook
Shari and Rick Sapp
Linda Shoemaker and Steve Brett
Collin Steuart El-Hossari
Nicky Wolman and David Fulker

$500 - $999
Donna and Ken Allen
Cary Forbes Arnold and Ritter Arnold
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Elizabeth and Dennis Berry
Mary and Jonathan Biddle
Carol and Richard Bowman
Laura and David Braddock
Laura Deluca and Chris Alaimo
Margaret Hollingsworth and Tim Heuser
Jane and Melvyn Holzman
Amy Howard and Scott Hunsaker
Kathleen Kingston and Scott Kisling
Brooke Mayer and Gregg Larson
William Mayer
Madeleine and Kenneth McCourt
Boli Medappa and Will Schaleben
Sherry and Gerald Merfish
Carol and Kenneth Rose
Becky Roser and Ron Stewart
Harold and Jan Schneider
Peter Spear to support CWA Internships
Tinbet and Carl Tinstman
Kathy and Bob Wegner
Cheryl and Randy Winter

$250 - $499
Wendy Ahrendt
Joyce Albersheim
Dede and Bob Baskerville IV
Joanne Belknap and Scott Summers
Judy and Neil Bicknell
Betsy Block and Joe Goldhammer
Regina and Jim Bock
Jennifer Bohlin
Linda Brackins-Willett and Robert Willett
William Broderick*
Pamela and Stanley Brown
Stephanie Buller
Judy Cisel and Andrew Kramer
Barbralu Cohen and Don Koplen
Patty Cordova
Jane Daniels
Marilyn and William Decker
Linda and Sandy Dee
Gail and Gene Gitin
Dan Ault and Robert Goldfarb
Greater Horizons
Carol Green
Amy and John Griffin
Joan and Alan Gross
Janet Hatton
Scott Hiza
Joan Hoffman
Ray Jenkins
Hazel and Jorgen Jensen
Karon Johnson
Lynn Johnson
Diana and Michael King
Kevin Lachapelle
Jane and Roger Larson
Janet Leap
Laurie Leinonen
Yvette Wieder Lowney and Tom Lyon
Carol and Jeffrey Martin
Ann McCormick and Andrew Goldstein
Millie and Wynn Montgomery
Jean and Scott Nelson
Enlin Pan
Marlys and Philip Robertson
Franca Rothman
Kathleen and Michael Skeffington
Barbara Steinmetz
Charlotte and William Stewart
Judith Taubman
Robert Willett
Linda Lee and Michael Wood

$150 - $249
Kathleen Albers
Anita and Greg Alexander
Jean and Francis Allhoff, Jr.
Susan and Alan Anderson
Alice and Paul Asmus
James Baily
Susan Brooks
Karen and Jacob Browne
Mary and Estill Buchanan
Ruth Caudill
Joyce Chase
Kay Clagett
Priscilla Corielle and Ken Wilson
Bernard Cyr
Lynn Dimmick
Cathy Summer and Steven Ellis
Theresa and John Fedak
Linda Flack
Gail and Richard Frankfort
Alice and Earl Franz
Michelle Fredson
Gary Gallawa
Nelda and John Gamble
Barbara and John Gardner
Anita and Gerald Gershten
Donald Gingrich
Teri and Dick Golden
Barbara and Bradley Goodman
Paula and Robert Gossett
Lindsay Hale
Steven Halvorson
Susan Halvorson
Catharine and Richard Harris
Karen and Stephen Henderson
Steve and Elinor Hill
Sue Hirschfeld
Steven Hlavac
Dita and Robert Hutchinson
James Hutchinson
Kathy and Darrell Icenogle
Nicole and Kevin Jacobson
Lorna and Robert Keeler
Barbara and Ronald Klayman
Rita Klees
Meredith Maney
Patrick Mayer
Judith McBroom
Sharon McClew and Richard Wildau
Annette Mickle
Jill and Tyler Moore
Suzanne and Richard Myers
Claudia Naeseth and Al Canner
Patricia Novak
Delma Lee Oberbeck
Karen and Larry Olson
Larry Parrish
George Penokie
Nancy and Richard Pautsch
Elizabeth and Albert Peterson
C.V. Porter and Jeffrey Truesdall
Kenna and Alan Quiller
Lennet Radke
Maureen and Gary Rait
Nancy Robinson
Alice and Tim Rose
Sherry and Gilberto Saenz
Ann and Gerald Saul
Vicki Schaefer
Brenda and James Schmidt
Cynthia Schmidt
Phyllis Schwartz
Su-Esta and Phil Scott
Lynn and Mark Shader
Barbara Shore
Angela and Bradford Silsby
Elizabeth Ann Solek
Steve Swenerton
Denise and Gary Terrazas
George VanBuren
Susan Vaughan
Gracelyn and Jeffrey Wade
Ellen Wakeman
Beverly Walter and James Geis
Eleanor Wassell
Jean Wentworth
Helen Williams
Dave Winfrey
Kenneth Winfrey
Wendy and Richard Wolf
Linda Lee and John Woods
Katherine and Mark Young
Claudia and Jon Zadra
Jaye and William Zessar
Ying Zhang and Jun Ye

Up to $149
Suzanne Ageton
Abdullah Albassam
Naser Ahmad Alnuwaiem
Jacqueline and George Antoine
Donald Asmus
Tommie and John Atanasoff
Marlin and Edward Barad
Nancy Bigelow and Bob Perkins
Cynthia and Kenneth Birgen
Emily and John Blankinship
Arlene and Dennis Blewitt
Valerie and John Borthwick
David Bowers
Roberta Brenza
Nancy and Gerry Bunce
Melanie Burgess
Margaret Burrall
Amy and Howard Cantor
Patricia Carden and Walt Peterson
Lisa Carlson
Karen Carpenter
Artika Casini
Elizabeth and Joseph Cirelli
Mary Bingham Chee
Emily Christensen
Stuart Blake Clark
Evie Cohen
Laura Collins
Poppy Copeland and Bear Carlson
Wanda Cox and Gary Waggoner
Candice and Carl Crouch
Ronda and Michael Curtis
Sharon Cunningham
Michelle and Robert Cuthbertson
Linda and Ian Davies
Claire Rivers Derr
Penny and Jeffrey Dumas
Barbara Edwards
Lisa Eggelston and Charles Woodard
Sheldon Ekland-Olson
Vivian Epstein
Bette Erickson
Betty Lou Erickson
Colleen Faust
Chloe Fillinger
Richard Finer
Diane and Gary Flannery
Chrissie Forbes
Betsy Franko
Mary and Joseph Friedman
Karen and Ted Gammon
Mary and Lloyd Gelman
Carol Gentry
Marla and Richard Gentry
Daniel Gentner
Henry Gibb
Mitchell Gitin
Ronald Glandt
Carol and Todd Gleeson
Helen and Martin Goldman
Judy and Daniel Gordon
Joan Graff
Patricia and Don Green
Patricia and Robert Guilford
Beverly Hadden
Anne and Michael Hannagan
Edward Hanson
James Harrington
Sandi Hill and Carl Shushan
Jon and Liz Hinebauch
Arthur Hirsch
Jean Hodges
Frederick Hull
Tracy and John Ingold
Eric Jaeckel
Jane Kahle and Floyd Nordland
Caryl and David Kassoy
Janice Keenan and Richard Olson
Donald Kelley
Patricia Kelley and Craig Hafner
Ann Kellogg
Nancy and Karl Kellogg
Edith and Neil Kochenour
Randy Kuehn
William Lammons
Sharon Larocque
Joan and Paul Lavell
Nancy Lee
David Leonard
Maia and Stan Kerwood
Claire Levy and Bob Kropfli
Sandra Levitt
Gerra and Bradford Lewis
Diane and Stephen Lieberman
Judith Liebeskind
Kerry Lightenburger
Eric Lindstrom
Lockheed Martin Orioneers
Linda Lowry and Joe Esseichick
James Lowell
Suzanne Lowell
Barbara and Robert Ludke
Thomas Mahowald
Marsha and William Maikovich
Joan McCracken
Jodi and Paul McLoughlin
Marlys McPherson
Paul Meese
Bryan Melonis
Marilyn and Robert Milhous
Gay and Norman Miller
Sharon Moddelmog and Harold Jenson
Elene and Thomas Mooney
Patrice Morrow
Caroline Moser
Theresa Muenchau
Usha and Ramkumar Narayanswamy
Elizabeth Neer
Scott Nelson
Norman Nesbit
Judy and Brian Newton
Walter Nixon
Kathryn Olmstead
Mary and Robert Oslund
Rionda Osman-Jouchoux and Alain Jouchoux
Jane and John Ott
Judith Owens
Allison Palmer
Becky and Jerry Palmer
Deborah and John Palmer
Ada Palmisano
Malcom Parker
Robert Patoff
Deedee Perry
Rose Pierro and Howie Wolf
Danica Powell
Julie and Rick Powers
Lillian and Charles Pritchett
Kathleen and Jeffrey Pryor
Susan and Randall Putnam
Veronica Jimenez Rael
Betty and Doug Rasmussen
Jacqueline and Dennis Rezendes
Cynthia and Dave Rosengren
John Sabel
Martha and Paul Schlauch
Stefanie Selden
Patricia Shannon
Sally and Paul Shankman
Catherine Shea
Anita Sherman
William Skees
Maryann Sperry
Clyda Stafford
Patricia Stillmunkes
Jean Stoenner
Jonah William Sublette
Stephanie and Don Taylor
Carol Tiegs
Timothy Thomas
Steven Todd
Maureen Van Camp
Katherine Van Winkle
Jane Verm
Carolyn and Christopher Volk
Peter Wassell
Kelly and Ron Wawrzynek
Jeni Webster
Alice Weed-Ziegler and Emil Ziegler
Emma Welch
Helen and John Whitbeck*
Clare Whitfield
Kristine Wildman
Gandasari and U. Kyaw Win
Olivia Wittenberg
Bettie Wright
Jessica Wright and Tony Helzer
Jack Wylie
Wyotexcol, Inc.
Saleem Zaheer
Jane Zander
Jose Angel Zavala