Published: May 17, 2019

CWA week is scheduled for April 6-10, 2020, its traditional timing two weeks after the University spring break. Over a year ago, the CWA Board began exploring options to shift the 2020 conference dates so that they would not overlap with religious holidays, as has happened with prior CWA events. However, the CWA Board concluded that it was not possible to change next year's dates due to the lack of availability of crucial campus venues for the event.

The CWA recognizes the importance of Passover and Good Friday for its Jewish and Christian speakers, volunteers, and attendees, and acknowledges that this may make it difficult or impossible for some to attend next year's event. In light of this overlap, CWA is committed to providing opportunities for 2020 speakers to celebrate the holidays during the event. The CWA Board is aware that the next time this conflict will occur is 2022, and has already begun investigating solutions.

CWA 2020 venue availability also requires that the CWA return to a Monday-Friday schedule despite the success of the 2019 Tuesday-Saturday schedule. We look forward to including weekend days in future CWA schedules.

Please email with any additional questions.