Published: May 19, 2017

FlagsThanks to all of the candidates who stood for election/appointment to the CWA Board. They are an impressive group and we are grateful for the time and care they all put into the process. As a result of the May 8 election, Marc Rochkind has been reelected for a 3 year term on the CWA Board. 

Additionally, the Chancellor has reappointed Tom Zeiler for a 3 year term for the open University Seat and has appointed Tess Rose to a 1 year term for the open Student Seat.

At the 2017 CWA Chairs Retreat, Community Chair Betsy Hand was re-elected for a second, one-year term. The CWA Community Chair also serves on the CWA Board.

For more information on the CWA Board and our strategic plan and governance structure, visit the CWA Board page.