The CWA 2017 fundraising campaign has a goal of making substantial strides toward ensuring that the CWA remains financially self-sustaining. We look forward to sharing greater insight into the financial model of the CWA, showcasing our areas of need, and providing clarity on how funds are allocated.

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Financial contributions made to the CWA by individuals and corporations are invaluable to the continued success of the conference. Funding external to the University is built into our financial model, and thus is critical to ensuring the CWA legacy continues to benefit future generations of students and community members. 

While the University’s commitment and enthusiasm for the conference has not waivered, state funding (now just 3% of CU’s budget) has not kept up with the rising costs of executing and marketing an event of this scale. There are fixed costs associated with hosting 100 speakers and providing 200 sessions free of charge over the course of CWA Week (this year April 10-14). 

The conference operates on a modest budget with a constant focus on controlling expenses. University funding supports all the staffing needs for the conference, while operational expenses are funded entirely though the community’s generous support. Our operational budget consists of all speaker related costs such as food, entertainment, and transportation -- representing 34% of the operational budget – as well as printing, advertising, venue rental, equipment, contract labor, and office expenses -- which make up the remainder. 

The CWA needs your help to ensure this wonderful Boulder and University tradition continues to thrive. Visit our Support Page for ways to give.

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Thank you for your support of the CWA.