Receive a complimentary gold and black CU Walks T-shirt on your first walk and a punch card to track your progress. 50 punches, you get a 2nd CU Walks T-shirt (black with gold). 250 punches, earn a hoodie that states "I walked across Colorado" (390 miles!)


Physical activity does not need to be complicated in order to attain the benefits. A normal everyday walking routine can be expanded into a more fun and social activity that can be accomplished right within the workday. You, as well as others, will become cognizant of the social, mental, and physical benefits of participating in the walk. You can set your personal goals, track your progress, and stay motivated through each other instead of by oneself. It is our hope that CU Walks helps foster a healthier lifestyle and build a community while doing so.
"Sitting has become the smoking of our generation" and "Got a meeting? Take a walk"

Check out this video link to find out more.