Summer Activities: The Value of Fun

The Upward Bound Program offers a variety of activities throughout the summer for our participants to build skills and community. Trips to amusement parks and reservoirs are typical to the Summer Academic Institute's activity schedule. Regardless of the activity, the bonds that students make with one another through all of this activity become Unbreakable and Invaluable. Indeed, students are challenged to access all of the program's O.U.R F.I.R.E values through the course of the summer. In addition to the two values just mentioned, students must be Open to new experiences, Respectful of the spaces they enter and the people they meet, willing to expand their definition of Familial, and ready to understand the Reciprocity and Empathy that go into forging lasting, positive relationships.

So, a trip to an amusement park may not seem like college prep, but all of this socio-emotional work is key to the college preparatory experience; college, after all, is more than just academics. But of course, we enjoy ourselves during the summer, and we practice a work-hard / play-hard attitude each year.


group of students in rec room with punching bags in background. students are all facing camera making boxing positions


This year's Summer Academic Institute Dates are: 

Saturday, June 6, 2020 - Students Arrive

Saturday, July 18, 2020- Closing Banquet, Students Depart

The calendar below gives a sense of the kinds of activities that a typical Summer Academic Institute offers. However, we view each year as a new opportunity to build on the previous year's experiences, try new things, and respond to the needs and wishes of our students as much as we can. So, again, regardless of what specific activities we offer, CUUB students can always look forward to a fun, enriching, challenging, and unforgettable summer.

calendar of summer program from June 6 through July 18