All prospective students of any Upward Bound program must satisfy at least one of the following federal criteria:

• Student is a potential first generation college student (neither parent having a bachelor's degree)

• Student's family meets federal low income guidelines. Refer to this Federal TRIO Programs chart for current Low Income Levels.

In addition to being first-generation, low-income, or both, prospective CU Upward Bound students must also satisfy both of the following eligibility criteria:

  • Student is currently enrolled in grades 8-11, and
  • Student resides within one of the 6 target communities which comprise the Target Area and/or attends one of our 12 partner high schools.

These are the only four eligibility requirements for application to the CUUB Program.

CUUB does not have a minimum GPA requirement for applicants, nor is there any racial-ethnic criterion for our selection. While our Target Area does span 6 tribal communities in five states, and our pedagogical philosophy is centered on indigenous practices and ways of knowing, anyone residing in the Target Area who meets the above criteria may apply. As stated on our Application Process page, CUUB simply seeks to admit students who are serious about their secondary and postsecondary academic paths, and who are willing to become active members of our community.

Finally, under our current Upward Bound grant, we are making a stronger effort to recruit rising high school freshmen, so that we can begin offering our CUUB services as early as the 9th grade year. These CUUB Freshmen must meet the same federal eligibility requirements as the rest of our program participants, and they must reside in the Target Area and/or plan to attend one of our 12 partner high schools.