Toward an Indigenous Strategic Plan for CU Boulder

The CUUB Program understands that in order to adequately fulfill its mission and support the primarily indigenous students in its community, it cannot do so in a vacuum. That is, CUUB must exist in a reciprocal relationship with its host institution, CU Boulder, and must therefore strive make the campus climate more inclusive and equitable, specifically with respect to indigenous student, faculty and staff. 

CUUB student, wearing her Upward Bound t-shirt, smiling next to Chip, the CU Bouder MascotCurrently, indigenous students make up the least represented racial/ethnic group on CU Boulder's campus, and indigenous faculty and staff remain just as underserved and underrepresented. CUUB is commited to using its position on campus as an affiliate of ODECE, CNAIS and the CU LEAD Alliance to reverse these trends and build networks of support in which our indigenous communities can thrive.

On this page, you will be able to find information about some of CUUB's projects and initiatives that, through the power of partnership, intend to center and uplift indigenous people and perspectives on our campus. Ultimately, we envision these efforts cohering into an Indigenous Strategic Plan that can be adopted more formally by the University. We believe that this work will benefit not only CU Boulder's indigenous student population and the CUUB Program, but also the entire CU community.