Month to Month College-Readiness

Senior year is extremely challneging. Not only are you tasked with finishing your high school experience on a high note (in spite of feeling overwhelmed, tired, or maybe even bored with school), but also you need to navigate the tranition to college at the same time. By the time senior year rolls around, you should have ideally taken the ACT, researched colleges and scholarships, and otherwise set yourself up for an easy transition. But even if you've done all this, or especially if you haven't, navigating the college application and admissions process can be incredibly difficult. 

Click here for a helpful checklist that gives you a month-to-month overview of what that process looks like. The Senior Year Checklist, provided by the Transition to College program of Families in Schools, looks like this:

Image of Senior Checklist from Transition to College

If you pair this checklist with your monthly senior calendars, we promise that preparing for the next step will be so much easier. CUUB students are also encouraged to review all of these materials with their senior mentors to get that extra guided support.

Remember: you are not alone in this transitional time of your life, and CUUB is always in your corner!