O.U.R. F.I.R.E. Affirmations 

student wearing yellow OUR FIRE tshirt standing in front of mural of two widespread wings


We understand that there are things in our lives that happen beyond our control, but we recognize that we can control our own responses, our own narrative in our journey. 

We believe that by healing ourselves, we heal all those who have come before us. And in doing so, we create a new path for ourselves, our community, adn our loved ones. 


We recognize that we all have gifts. Part of our responsiblity during our time on Mother Earth is to discover our purpose and to live that purpose each day of our lives. 

We acknowledge that sharing our gifts by burning brightly does not diminish the light of any other person; each of us is meant to shine in our own way. 


We recognize the importance of being a good ancestor for those who follow us. We understand that we are here not just for ourselves, but for all the generations that will come after us. It is important that we build a better world for their future. 


Affirmations two female students standing in front of YOU ARE ENOUGH sign

When it comes to our mental health and wellness, it's so important to practice self-care. Whether it's reading the CUUB O.U.R F.I.R.E. affirmations aloud to yourself or others you may find, speaking kindly about yourself is one way to help show self-love. Click on the link below for some other affirmations we've compiled. 

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